Arrgh! It’s A Pirate Party!

What child hasn’t pretended to follow a treasure map and dig for buried treasure? Or go on swashbuckling adventures? A pirate party is the perfect birthday party for your adventurous matey!

Here are a few ideas for a memorable Pirate Party …

The Invitation

Via Three Little Monkeys Studio Etsy Shop

It all begins with the pirate invitation! This custom photo invitation features vintage graphics from the 1920’s on an aged parchment background to give the feeling of an old treasure map. Just $8!

I may be a bit biased, as that is my oldest dressed as a “parrot” when she was just 33 months old, but I love this invitation and party pack!

For $20, you can turn this invitation into a party pack with:

  • the custom invitation
  • a custom fill-in-the-blank thank you card or note
  • custom “Happy Birthday” banner with the pirate ship and skull and crossbones graphics
  • custom straw flags
  • tent cards (you can fill them out directly into the PDF)
  • cupcake wrappers, party circles (cupcake toppers, favor tags, etc.)
  • custom “Happy Birthday” door sign
  • party hat
  • water bottle/beverage labels

It’s a great value.

The Cake

This Treasure Chest Cake is sure to please any pirate and his or her mates!

Via Confessions Of A Cookbook Queen

Using some mini chocolate cakes, Twix bars, rock candy and frosting, you can make an adorable treasure chest for your band of buccaneers! Or, go larger and make a large treasure chest and decorate it with ring pops, gold coins and candy necklaces.

Via Family Fun

Or, if you are really ambitious {patient}, this Pirate Ship Cake is fun! It uses lots of cookies and candies for the details.

Table Decorations

Keep the treasure theme going by decorating tables with chocolate foil covered gold coins, and treasure map place mats and pirate hats at each place setting.

Via Baker’s Bling

 How cute are these pirate hats from Baker’s Bling on Etsy?!?

For the centerpiece, use a treasure chest filled with more loot spilling out or one of these pirate ship piñatas.

The Games

Treasure hunt. Delight your buccaneers with a pile of pirate loot! Hand all of the mates a map and let them scour the island for buried treasure. On the map, write a riddle about a stash of treasure hidden somewhere in your yard or house. Each guest gets to guess the answer to a riddle, and as a pack, the guests can run to wherever the clue leads and find another one. Hide ring pops, candy coins and candy necklaces for the hidden loot.

Walk the plank. Secure a board across a toddler pool with duct tape. Set toy alligators in the pool for ambience, then have each child walk across the plank. Upon reaching the other side,reward each child with some loot. This can be varied for older kids for example, Walk backwards, hop on one foot, jump over obstacles, etc.

Sink the Enemy. Divide the kids up into 2 teams giving each team a set of cannonballs made out of balled up newspaper covered in black electrical tape. Also give each team a large box or container, which is their ship. The idea is that when the whistle is blown the kids have to throw as many cannonballs as they can into the other ship. When the whistle blows again all action stops. Cannonballs are counted and whichever ship was sunk with the most cannonballs in the ship has to walk the plank.

Musical islands. Set one less hula hoop than you have guests on the floor, and play music. Pirates must walk around the hoops until you turn off the tunes, at which point they must be standing inside one of the “islands” or they’re out. Every few minutes, take away a hoop, until only one seafarer remains.

Pop the Cannonball. Blow up a bunch of black balloons and place them on one end of your room or lawn. Have the kids race across the room or lawn and try to pop the balloons by sitting on them. Most kids bounce right off of the balloons, which is a lot of fun. Do this a couple of times or until all the balloons are popped.

Jewel Pickup. Each child has about thirty seconds to pick up as many jewels (marbles) as they can and place them in a bucket. The catch is each child has to use their toes. For younger children, you may choose to have them try it with one hand instead.

Swab the Decks. Get ready for a fun relay race for your buccaneers! Blow up two red and two black balloons. Divide the children into two teams–the red and black pirates. Give each team a broom or mop to swab their decks with. After one crewmate successfully shepherds the balloons across your yard or room, the next crewmate moves them back with each crewmate having a turn. First crew to swab their balloons across the finish line wins the bag of treasure.

Pirate Crafts

Make spyglasses. Have kids cover the end of a toilet paper or paper towel tube with a square of colored cellophane and fix it in place with a rubber band. .

Hook Hand. Cut a slit in the bottom of a plastic cup. Cut a hook shape out of cardboard, wrap with foil, and slip it through the slit in the cup. 


Your pirates can leave with quite a haul, such as eye patches, gummy fish, temporary tattoos, ring pops, chocolate coins, candy necklaces, skull stickers and treasure map place mats.

Pirate Food

Via Annabel Karmel

Jelly Boats. These Jelly Boats are sure to please your mateys. I love how these are displayed on a map. Just one more way to carry your pirate theme! You could also use Jolly Roger cocktail sticks in place of the sails.

Shark’s Blood Punch. Freeze red fruit punch into cubes the night before your pirate party. Then pour Sprite or another clear soda in clear plastic cups. Drop in a few fruit punch ice cubes and watch the “blood” swirl red in the clear soda.

Walk the Plank Stuffed Celery. Fill celery sticks with cream cheese or peanut butter. Add raisins for your pirates.

Deviled Eggs. Simply add a sail to your egg halves.

Watermelon Boat. Cut the watermelon to resemble a boat. Fill with mixed fruit.

Jello Ocean. Use blue jello filled with fruit treasure or with gummy fish.

Fish Snacks. Spread cream cheese on crackers. Then add fish crackers on the cream cheese, and a little alfalfa sprouts for seaweed.

Fishy Sandwiches. Make tuna salad sandwiches and use a cookie cutter to cut them into a fish shape. Add a raisin for the eye.

Fish and Chips. Serve fish sticks with French fries.

Pirate Grog. Make that frosty mugs of root beer.

Pina Colada. Sans alcohol.

Sword kabobs. Use plastic sword skewers for fruit or meats and cheese.

Cannon balls. Grapes and melon balls.

Shrimp Cocktail. Serve a shrimp cocktail tray.

Have fun at your pirate party!

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