Cat & Dog Class Valentines

FREE Cat & Dog Class Valentines from Pets and puns are pretty big around this house, and these clever cat and dog class valentines are the perfect way to share both with your child’s classmates! All you need to put these together are some cute puppies or kittens and a few supplies you probably have around the house.

These colorful rainbow Valentines come in a set of four, and all you need to do is click on the download, save, print, trim and assemble them with a little kitten or puppy.

FREE Cat & Dog Class Valentines from

You will want cats and dogs that are around 2-3″ from their noses to their tails. I like the convenience of Amazon Prime delivery, so I ordered these here and here. But you may also find them at party stores, craft stores or even toy stores in tubes or bags of 12.


  • matte photo paper or card stock
  • scissors
  • twine, ribbon, yarn or thread
  • small single hole punch (or a needle with a big eye works too)
  • Mini cat and dog figures (2-3” from nose to tail)


  1. Download the free class Valentines below.
  2. Print the cards on a color printer and cut them out.
  3. Using your punch, punch two holes close together in the center of the white space. Or, you can use a needle to make your holes if you don’t have a punch.
  4. Push your twine/ribbon/yarn/thread through the holes and tie around your cat or dog.
  5. Then sign and deliver!

FREE Cat & Dog Class Valentines from

Download the Cat Valentines.

FREE Cat & Dog Class Valentines from

Download the Dog Valentines.

FREE Cat & Dog Class Valentines from

And if you like these, you might try the horse version here.


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