Free Letter to Santa

I don’t know about your kiddos, but sometimes my kids need a gentle reminder from the big man himself when the elf just isn’t enough. A nice letter from Santa reminding them about specific behaviors and to behave does wonders around here. I created this letter last year but updated it with a new handwriting […]

I made more Christmas freebies for those of you with little ones who still believe in Santa—Santa gift tags and Santa letterhead. Gift tags from Santa available as a {FREE} download. We always leave one “big” gift from Santa. Not necessarily big, just something special. This year the girls are getting some beautiful horses from […]

Sugarbelle’s is one of my favorite blogs to follow. Her creations are amazing and inspiring, and she has the most amazing tutorials. Definitely visit her site or follow her on Facebook. Recently, she shared a recipe for gingerbread play-dough, which my kids and I made the following day. Look how awesome it looks! Image via […]

I whipped up some fun Letters to Santa for you! They feature peppermint prints and fun North Pole Air Mail and elf stamps to make them more authentic! đŸ˜‰ There are two letters to a page. I’ve included three PDFs, one with boy/girl letters(red, pink and blue peppermint backgrounds), another one with boy/boy letters (all […]