Sometimes we all need a little reminder about what the family rules are, so I whipped up this vintage-inspired Family Rules in an 11×17″ format. It features vintage graphics and fun fonts on a canvas background with lots of interesting smudges and character. I have it in two versions: PDF and JPG. Send it to […]


I am so in the Valentine’s Day spirit this year. Maybe it’s because my kids are actually growing old enough that they understand what we’re doing. All I know is, I am excited. Like Christmas excited. I designed three sheets of Valentine’s Day cards. There’s something for boys, girls and big kids of all ages […]

Between Pinterest and Facebook, I am exposed to a million and one crafty things that I want to do. Right. Now. But, I often find myself buying supplies and then running out of time to do them (so sorry, Halloween mason jar lanterns and tulle wreath). Thinking about how craft-challenged I am, I decided to […]