CP Toys Play Vet Set {Review}

I was provided this toy from CP Toys, but I was not compensated for this review or my opinions.

We were so excited when CP Toys contacted us to review their Play Vet Set. My daughters are obsessed with animals and hope to attend K-State’s veterinary school one day, so the opportunity to be a veterinarian and help kitties and puppies was a bit of a dream come true for their sweet hearts.

CP Toys Product Review by Three Little Monkeys Studio

When we opened the box I was surprised at how big the vet set is. It has everything a “practicing” vet needs, including a stethoscope, bandages, ear scope, medications, pet food, grooming supplies, a working scale and their first two patients – an 8″ plush dog and cat. And practice they do with the included lab coat, name tag, medical bag, beeper, clipboard, and a hilarious set of glasses.

CP Toys Product Review by Three Little Monkeys Studio
The kids couldn’t wait to unzip that bag and start pulling out all of the contents and explore. They kept ooooo-ing and ahhhh-ing every time they pulled an item out.

CP Toys Product Review by Three Little Monkeys Studio

Things we loved about this toy:

  • If you have more than one child, there are plenty of things to go around and keep everyone happy and fights at a minimum. 30 pieces total.
  • There is absolutely no assembly (yay!). The kids unzip the bag and they can immediately start giving vaccinations, taking temperatures and prescribing medications.
  • The cat and dog are the perfect size for kids.
  • The lab coat and other dress up pieces are made really well and are standing up to my three crazy kids.
  • Beeeep! The beeper led to a hilarious discussion about technology that reminded Tom and I just how old we really are. And, it comes with the battery already installed.
  • Lots of medications and grooming supplies in the set opened up some great discussions about taking care of pets and keeping them healthy.
  • The medical bag is huge, and everything tucks in there nicely so pieces don’t get lost.
  • Love the cat and dog trim on the lab coat. Just one of the many little details that make this set so cute!
  • The clipboard and medical records were a fun touch. Reese had a blast filling out her patient’s name, age, gender, weight and other measurements for the animal’s “chart.”

CP Toys Product Review by Three Little Monkeys Studio

We really love this vet set, and it is something the kids like to play with almost daily, even weeks after we got it. I know we will get lots of mileage out of this toy, as the kids recently decided to expand their veterinary practice and are now seeing unicorns, ponies and ninja turtles.

CP Toys Product Review by Three Little Monkeys Studio

Warning: if you have pets they may become patients too. I pity our cats every time they walk by, because they are forced to go through a very thorough examination. Poor Cora accepts her fate, but not without getting mad. Just like at the real vet’s office.

CP Toys Product Review by Three Little Monkeys Studio

If you have a young animal lover in your life, this toy would earn you some serious brownie points. My kids just can’t stop playing with their vet set, and their friends love it too.

Many thanks to CP Toys for letting us review this toy. CP Toys inspires learning, creativity, and fun by offering a unique mix of high quality products with unparalleled play value for children. Learn more about their educational toys by following them on Facebook , Twitter and their website.



    What a Great Idea! This is a great way in showing young kids that our animals need doctor care too. It shows we need to take care of our pets who we love so much. This looks like a lot of fun….. I want to play too!

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