CP Toys Workbench Set {Review}

I was provided this toy from CP Toys, but I was not compensated for this review or my opinions.

A few months ago I treated myself to a woodworking class at the Kansas City Art Institute where I developed a new love and respect for true DIY. And a pretty scary radial arm saw. Ever since then my kids have been very inquisitive about woodworking, though that could be partially influenced by the cupcakes I brought home from the nearby Mud Pie Bakery after each class. So getting them a workbench with tools that wouldn’t demo my walls and floors was the best way to accommodate their growing curiosity.

We got them the Workbench and Accessory Combo Set from CP Toys and are so in love with it. This toy has exceeded our expectations for what a workbench set should have, and it is great for building (no pun-intended) confidence in both girls and boys.

CP Toys Product Review by Three Little Monkeys Studio

There are two versions of this workbench: the Workbench and the Workbench + Accessory Combo Set. We chose the workbench that came with the accessory set for many reasons, but mostly because expecting three children to share one drill would not be pretty. My kids are angels, except when there is a new toy involved.

CP Toys Product Review by Three Little Monkeys Studio

This set arrived in two boxes and has everything you need for make-believe home improvement projects. The workbench (larger box) comes with 54 sturdy tools and accessories including wrenchs, hammer, pliers, saw, screwdriver, right angle and a drill. It was really easy to put together, and we had it up and running in less than 10 minutes. You do need to have batteries on hand though.

Don’t let the size of the accessory set (the smaller box pictured) fool you—it comes with 94 pieces including a second working drill, planks and more nuts and bolts. It is so worth it to get the accessory set. We had all three children playing with this workbench at the same time, and there was no bickering about taking turns. Plenty of things to go around if you have more than one child, and the planks are a wonderful addition.

CP Toys Product Review by Three Little Monkeys Studio

Things we loved about the CP Toys Workbench Set:

  • This toy is sturdy and is easy to put together quickly (no Allen wrenches or tools required).
  • It has a working clamp, so kids can secure their project to the workbench and work hands free.
  • The drills are great, and you really can reverse the drill bits on both. And they aren’t super loud, so easy on parent ears too.
  • I love the included right angle (though we call it a square in these parts). It led to some great discussions about using it in woodworking and geometry.
  • Plenty of tools to go around—54 pieces with the workbench and 94 in the accessory set.
  • Love the storage shelf underneath the workbench. We can store all of the nuts, bolts, and planks down there.
  • I love that this toy didn’t show gender bias on the packaging. My girls adore building and helping mom and dad work with tools, so it is nice to find toys that don’t reinforce those stereotypes.
  • And how fun would this be at a construction-themed party? Either as an activity, serving food and drinks to guests, or holding a bucket of party favors!

CP Toys Product Review by Three Little Monkeys Studio

This is an awesome toy for kids. They can build all sorts of cool things with the planks, pretend to saw, and go wherever their imagination takes them. This is definitely a creative toy.

Many thanks to CP Toys for letting us review this workbench. CP Toys inspires learning, creativity, and fun by offering a unique mix of high quality products with unparalleled play value for children. Learn more about their educational toys by following them on Facebook , Twitter and their website.

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