Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Party Ideas

I don’t think I’ve ever really mentioned my love for Doctor Who before. It was one of those shows Netflix recommended to me based on something else I watched. I had a newborn and two toddlers (why yes, I am crazy), was brain dead and wanted to watch something to get me through those sleepless nights. It was perfect.

It took me a bit to warm up to that first season, but by season two I was hooked. Soon my husband began watching, and over the next few seasons my kids would wander in to get a late night drink of water (seriously, why are they suddenly thirsty at bedtime?!?) and grew to love it, too.

If you aren’t familiar with Doctor Who, it is a British show about a time traveler. He saves the world, he regenerates, he has a sonic screwdriver that fixes just about everything … what’s not to love?!? Check it out on Netflix or BBC America.

Doctor Who Party Ideas by  Three Little Monkeys Studio

So the 50th Anniversary special is almost here …


To celebrate, I made a fun printable and wanted to share a few Doctor Who party ideas we’ll be implementing when we watch the anniversary special.

Doctor Who Party Ideas by  Three Little Monkeys Studio

The most important menu item at our party is fish fingers & custard. My daughter is obsessed with Amy Pond who is, in Reese’s opinion, the best companion. She has red hair like my daughter and is sassy and funny, and the fish fingers & custard episode is hilarious and so memorable. Especially when you are seven.

If you have the time, Bakingdom’s Fish Fingers & Custard recipe is awesome. I found Walkers Shortbread Cookies at Target that look remarkably like fish fingers. Or at least what I remember those puppies to look like. The back side has this rippled imprint that kinda sorta looks like breading. Put some vanilla pudding in a pretty container, plop in a cookie and voila! Fish fingers & custard.

Doctor Who Party Ideas by  Three Little Monkeys Studio

My friend Maria of Love & Sugar Kisses is a Doctor Who fanatic, too, and made  chocolate-covered Oreos with a Tardis on top. The detail is amazing. Did I mention they are Oreos? Yum.

Doctor Who Party Ideas by  Three Little Monkeys Studio

To save myself some time, I picked up Vanilla Bean cupcakes from Target. Those things are awesome! Put them in another cupcake liner to fancy it up a bit and top with my free printable toppers. (Download link and cupcake topper instructions below).

Doctor Who Party Ideas by  Three Little Monkeys Studio

I served lemonade and tossed in some blueberries for color. If you really want to go all out, serve a blue sports drink. I topped my drink dispenser with a Fez I picked up from US Toy. They have a huge selection of Doctor Who stuff.

Doctor Who Party Ideas by  Three Little Monkeys Studio

Because popcorn and Doctor Who is a family tradition for us, I jazzed up our typical popcorn with some candy. It is so good with a mix of sweet, salty and crunchy goodness. I served it in pails from Target’s dollar spot lined with waxed blue gingham paper from Michael’s, and then attached a party circle with a clothespin.

So now for the good stuff. “Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey” is a Doctor Who reference, of course. And it’s a fun name for a snack. Kids like anything with a silly name.

FYI, if you ever need to occupy a three-year-old for at least thirty minutes, have him be your “helper” and pick out all of the blue and red M&M’s from two large bags.

Back to that recipe …

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Popcorn Stuff  by  Three Little Monkeys Studio

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Popcorn Stuff


  • 6 cups of popcorn (feel free to add more or less), any unpopped kernels removed
  • 3 squares of almond bark (vanilla or chocolate)
  • pretzels (love the Tardis-y shape of the square ones)
  • candy (I used a mix of blue and red peanut butter and plain M&M’s, and some Nestle Buncha Crunch for good measure)


  1. Get a baking sheet out and line with a silicone mat, wax paper or aluminum foil.
  2. Spread your popcorn out in a thin layer.
  3. Melt your almond bark in the microwave until smooth. You will need to stir in 30-second increments to avoid scorching your almond bark (ick!).
  4. Drizzle melted almond bark over popcorn until evenly distributed.*
  5. Drop candy and pretzels onto the popcorn. There are no exact measurements here, just kind of add whatever amounts look good to you. I eyeball it, but peanut butter M&Ms get preferential treatment in my book.
  6. Give it a nice little stir.
  7. Allow the popcorn mix to cool and the bark to harden.
  8. Break up into smaller pieces and serve!

* Some people like to dump everything into a bowl, pour the almond bark on, give it a good stir, and then lay it on a cookie sheet to cool, but I find it breaks the popcorn and gets more gloppy. Either method is fine.

So now for the freebie!

FREE Doctor Who Inspired Party Circles by  Three Little Monkeys Studio

Download your Doctor Who Inspired Party Circles.


  • white card stock or matte photo paper
  • a 2″ craft punch
  • lollipop sticks
  • glue dots or tape

Print these party circles on white card stock or matte photo paper (my favorite), available from office supply stores. Craft punches and lollipop sticks are available from hobby stores in the scrap book and baking sections, respectively.

To assemble, punch out your party circles using your craft punch and tape to your lollipop stick. If you are feeling fancy, you can layer them over another paper (like I did with the glitter stock using a larger flourish punch) or by tying on a ribbon.


Fez and Mini Tardis toy| US Toy
Cupcakes, cookies, small metal pails (hello, dollar spot!), paper straws and such | Target
Tardis Chocolate-covered Oreos | Love & Sugar Kisses
Vintage Milk Bottles | Sugar Confetti Shop
Scrap paper, waxed blue gingham paper and ribbon | Michael’s

Soooo … anyone else as excited as I am to see David Tennant again? <cue the choir of angels>


  1. says

    I love this so so much! I have three boys–the oldest is four and I sometimes let him watch with me (he’s beyond obsessed) so I’m glad to hear that your littlest watches too. He’s kind of too young, but it’s just so fun! I wish I would have been forward thinking enough to have a little party!

    • Gretchen says

      Hi, Rachel! I’m so glad to hear your little guy loves it too. It can be kind of scary sometimes, but overall I think it is a pretty family-friendly show. Silly and funny and lots of great special effects my son enjoys. So fun to have a series we can all love and look forward to. :)

  2. says

    omg love this!!! I love Doctor Who. Thanks for creating this. Although too late for the special I will have this in mind for a party for myself one of these days <3

      • says

        will do, though I don’t know when that will be… i’m hoping during xmas vacation. In the mean time I want to do a Doctor Who round up. Can I include this? I’ll just choose one pic and then link to here for more deets. Btw wasn’t the special just AWESOME?! timey whimey lol. Loved seeing David Tennant back.. i heart him. I cried when his regen took place :(

  3. VTEC says

    Other Doctor Who Food Ideas:
    Salami Sandwiches
    (Twelve) Jammie Dodgers
    (Unlimited) Rice Pudding
    (An) Apple (A Day Keeps… Nevermind) (With A Smiley Face)
    Fish And Chips
    Kronk Burgers
    Ginger Beer

  4. Suzanne says

    For the adults, I am serving up a “Tardis Blue Cheese Plate” and Bowtie(s are cool) Pasta Salad.

    Love the decor, my guests are going to love your inspiration and ideas!

  5. Carole says

    Just used this idea at my nieces wedding shower, they both are Whovian’s. Don’t know if anyone else “got” it, but they had fun. So glad I found your blog!

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