Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Birthday Bash

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Birthday Bash Even big kids deserve fun birthdays now and then , right? For my husband’s birthday, the kids and I decided to throw him a party with one of his favorite movies as the theme: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

Hardly anyone I know has seen it and I won’t bore you with the details, but you can find a ton of info about it online, and you can even watch it on Netflix. It’s just a fun, short movie that was filmed during the writer’s strike, and reading up on it is definitely worthwhile. Neil Patrick Harris is in it and is hilarious as a villain.

The Details

Though I love a good dessert table, I decided to throw a dinner party with my husband’s favorite foods.

  • Penny’s Pimento Mac & Cheese (Pimento Mac & Cheese via Bon Appétit)
  • Bad Horse’s Terrible BBQ (Mason Jar BBQ Sundae Supper via Dixie Delights using Fiorella’s Jack Stack BBQ)
  • Bad Horse Chorus of Snacks (chips, pretzels and popcorn served in beakers)
  • Captain Hammer’s Hero Sandwiches (homemade vegetarian hero sandwiches)
  • Moist’s Macaroni Salad (The Best Macaroni Salad Ever via The Pioneer Woman)
  • Dr. Horrible cookies by Cookies With Character
  • Wonderflonium fondant briefcase and goggles by Edible Details
  • German Chocolate Cake and Vanilla Cupcakes by Three Women and an Oven
  • Wonderflonium (Chardonnay), Radioactive Soda (orange soda) and iced tea was also served

The Decorations

I created all of the printables for the party and made party circles with a Western flair for Bad Horse’s BBQ, incorporated some Captain Hammer quotes on food picks, radioactive signage for the beverages, and some favor tags with some memorable Dr. Horrible quote from the movie.

For the backdrop, I used some black and white polka dot wrapping paper from Target and wrapped it around two Elmer’s poster boards I picked up from Micheal’s. I just taped the poster boards together with some duct tape and wrapped them in the wrapping paper. Very inexpensive back drop.

I purchased a Dr. Horrible comic book from Amazon and used it to make the banner, soda wraps and used leftover scraps to trim the bottom of the food label tent cards.

The banner was really easy to make. I created a template for each triangle and then traced around it on a comic book page, trimmed and taped to some baker’s twine with black striped washi tape, both from Shop Sweet Lulu.

To tie in with the laundromat scenes in the movie, I picked up a small storage container from Hobby Lobby that looked like a laundry basket.  I placed a small box inside to set my cake stand on and surrounded it with towels to look like folded laundry. We also spray painted a small bottle of laundry detergent silver to use as a prop.

One of the funnest things I did was to replicate the Berri Good frozen yogurt cups from the movie. When I told Brittany of Edible Details what the theme was, her husband suggested incorporating the frozen yogurt, so I owe him for that great idea. I printed the labels and taped them slightly askew (like in the movie) on these adorable ice cream cups I found on Shop Sweet Lulu. They even came with little spoons, and the cupcakes fit in them perfectly. I pulled back the edges of the labels just a bit so it looked exactly how they appeared in the movie.

One of my favorite decorations was the Wonderflonium. We took a box of Black Box Chardonnay and spray painted it silver to look like Dr. Horrible’s briefcase, and I attached the same stickers found on the Wonderflonium briefcase.

The serving platters were some inexpensive piece I picked up long ago from Target, and the beakers I ordered off of Amazon. The BBQ sundaes were served in good old mason jars I picked up from Walmart ages ago. I put them in an antique wooden box I picked up from a flea market and some prop horse shoes and spurs, all props reused from Reese’s pony party.

Behind the Scenes

No matter how much we plan, things can always go wrong, and here were a few of our bloopers.

  • I decided to outsource the cake and cupcakes to save myself some time. I ordered vanilla cupcakes with plain white frosting. What I got was one white cupcake with rainbow confetti sprinkles, and the remaining cupcakes were pink, purple, green and a rainbow of other colors. I ordered “white” frosting so they would look like frozen yogurt to tie in with a few scenes in the movie. On the plus side, they were colorful.
  • We completely forgot to make two dishes, but it was probably a blessing in disguise, as that table was packed.
  • My daughter wasn’t feeling well, and everything was thrown together quickly after we got her settled and feeling better. I just didn’t have as much time to put into the details.

It was a wonderful party and the food was so yummy (I ate way too much!), and more importantly, my husband had a great time!

Printables | Three Little Monkeys Studio
Fondant toppers | Edible Details
Cookies | Cookies With Character
Paper straws, twine, ice cream cups and washi tape | Shop Sweet Lulu


  1. says

    How awesome! I love how much detail you put into it. I love the frozen yogurt looking cup cakes, and the inexpensive backdrop idea! I will definitely be using that idea soon! Great post, and I’m glad that your husband enjoyed his party. I would love to throw a party for my hubby, but he is so anti social!

  2. Sarah says

    Fellow KC girl with a Dr. Horrible-addicted hubby! I absolutely love this idea, and it looks like it came together so well! Would you be willing to share any of your templates? If so, my email is sarahjeanrose@gmail.com. Right before I found your blog, I had seen those cookies on the Cookies With Character page and thought they were so awesome that a whole Dr. Horrible party may be in order!

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