Thank you for your interest in Three Little Monkeys Studio. Below you will find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about ordering printables from my Etsy shop, assembly, supplies and so much more!


I am interested in placing an order. What do I do next?
Visit my Etsy shop and purchase the listing you like. There are some instructions for getting your information to me in the listing, as well as details about turnaround time and what to expect. Please make sure you carefully read the listing and provide all requested info to avoid processing delays.

IMPORTANT: Before ordering, please make sure your email address is correct in your Etsy profile. Etsy copies all convos to the email address listed in your account. If you have an old email address attached to your account, you will miss important messages and updates about your order. Three Little Monkeys Studio is not responsible for missed messages.

How do I get my information and/or photo to you?
As mentioned in the listing, place all of your details for personalization (name, age, party date, time, location, rsvp info, etc.) into the “notes to seller” section at checkout or send them via a convo if you missed that step.

If you are ordering a photo invitation, you can send your photo through an Etsy convo (message). Click on the “Contact Shop Owner” button to start a convo with me!

Can I just enter the information into the template myself?
I do all of the hard work for you so you can relax and mark that job off of your To Do List! Just be sure to send all of the info to me when you purchase if you missed that step to avoid delays!

I placed an order. Now what?
Once you have placed the order, payment has processed, and you have provided the necessary information to complete your order, you will receive your order within 1 business day. If you need a revision, I am happy to do so. Please note that paying by eCheck takes 3-5 days for payment to process and may delay your order until funds have been confirmed.

I placed an order a few hours ago and still haven’t heard from you yet! When can I expect my order?
The listing you purchased, the shop policies, shop home page and even your receipt mention that turnaround time is one business day (Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Central Time). Because we have such fast turnaround time, our shop is very busy and we are constantly working on orders and assisting other clients too. So we get in touch on the next business day when your order is ready unless we have questions about the info you submitted. Trust us, we are on it! :)

How do I get my files?
Your final files will be sent to you via Etsy convo so you can download your files for printing. Links will stay active four four weeks.

I’ve never done this before. How will I print my files?
I provide you with a ton of instructions (and I do mean a ton) for both home and professional printing, so you always have several options available to you. I also provide you with a list of helpful supplies and printing tips that will help you get the most out of your home printer. I send all of this info when I send your order.

I need an invitation right now. Can you rush my order?
I make every effort to turn orders around quickly, but average production time is around 1 full business day. Same day rush orders are subject to a $10 rush service fee.

I love this invitation but I would like it in a different color. Can you change it?
I can sometimes modify colors for a fee if my schedule allows, but any request needs to be confirmed by me prior to purchase and well in advance of your event to see if it can be accommodated.  Otherwise, all items are sold as is in the colors described and pictured in the listing.

I have a specific design in mind but I do not see it in your shop. Will you take a custom request?
I love custom designs if my schedule allows! Please email me for a custom quote for this service.

How long are quotes good for?
Quotes are good for 72 hours.

Do you offer discounts?
Though I can appreciate being on a budget, designers use time as one of our measurements for determining our pricing. If we decrease our price, we also need to decrease the amount of time we put into your order. And I’m not willing to sacrifice the quality that made you look at my shop in the first place. I hope you understand.


What paper do you recommend for printing?
I recommend matte photo paper or white card stock, available at office supply stores. Matte photo paper is what I use. Colors are more vivid and graphics are crisper. It has a similar weight to card stock.

Can you print my invitations for me?
Absolutely! Contact me for pricing.

Can you print the rest of my printables too?
Yes! Contact me for pricing.

I’m worried my home printer won’t do a good job. Can I get good results from my printer?
Yes! I always recommend printing as a photo for the highest quality. Go into your advanced printer settings and select Photo Printing Borderless > Letter 8.5×11″ > Print Quality: Best. (Wording may vary depending on the make and model of your printer.)

Can I print at OfficeMax, Staples, etc.?
Yes you can! But, please take your copyright release and Etsy receipt in with you just in case, as copy centers have a bad habit of hassling clients about copyrights due to their lack of understanding or improper training.

What type of printer do you use?
I recommend using inkjet printers. I will send you some printing tips to make the most of your home printer.

Should I print these myself or send them to a printer?
Whichever you prefer. You could print one out at home and if you aren’t satisfied with how it turns out take it to a print shop or a copy center, such as OfficeMax, Staples, etc.

I received two invitation files. What do I do with both of them?
I send the invitation along with an optional back side if you would like to have print on both sides of your invitation. I strongly recommend professional printing for double-sided printing, and I do send along a couple of recommendations, though there are many other professional printers available to you (including myself, just email for pricing!).

How do I print double sided?
I recommend using a professional printer for double-sided printing as mentioned in the instructions for the highest quality print. For an upgrade, I can do that for you (please email for pricing) and ship them to you. Or, you may use the provider I recommend in the instructions or a similar company of your choosing. My recommendation is based on speed, quality and personal experience, but always check locally and online for a printer that best suits your budget and time frame if you prefer. There may also be a local print shop in your area who may be able to provide this service for you.

The colors look different on paper than they do on the computer screen. Can you adjust the colors?
Because the colors on my files do not change from order to order, this is likely a printer issue or differences in the way colors are displayed across monitors, mobile devices, etc. I recommend that you check your ink cartridges to see if they need replacement or adjust the intensity settings on your printer. I am not responsible for color variations.

Some of my files are secured and require a password, can you change that?
Like most designers out there, all of my designs are copyrighted and files are locked to protect against copyright infringement. What that means is that you can use your files for your own personal use, print as many copies as you need, etc., but you cannot alter them in any way EXCEPT for the files that have fillable fields, such as food labels/tent cards. That’s why I personalize everything and take care of it for you. So, as long as you are printing and using your files correctly (not resizing them, copying graphics, editing in Photoshop etc.), you will have no problems at all. If you have any questions or concerns about it, please contact me and I will be happy to help!


Will my files be JPEGs or PDFs?
Invitations are 5×7″ JPEGs, except for the train ticket invitation which is 3.5×8″ and will come to you as a PDF with three tickets per page.

Other files, such as party circles, banners, etc. will come to you as 8.5×11″ PDFs, with 1-12 items per page depending on the size of the design.

We provide you with a ton of printing instructions and help, so don’t worry about printing!

What size envelopes do I need?
It depends on the size of your invitation, but you can find envelopes to accommodate a 5×7″ insert at hobby stores, office supply stores or online at Paper-Source.com.

5×7″ invitations require an A7 envelope, which is 5.25×7.25″ to accommodate your insert.

4×6″ thank you notes require an A4 envelope, which is 4.25×6.25″ to accommodate your insert. Or leftover invitation envelopes may be used.

The train ticket-style invitation requires a No. 10 long envelope.

What supplies do you use?
I provide tips and a helpful list of supplies with every order that includes suggestions such as:

  • Matte photo paper (my favorite) or white card stock.
  • Craft punches available from hobby stores.
  • Tape or temporary glue dots.
  • Lollipop or popsicle sticks to make cupcake toppers.
  • Ribbon, baker’s twine, etc.
  • Scissors
  • Full sheet sticker or label paper (OnlineLabels.com is my favorite brand)

How do I assemble all of my printables?
There are a variety of ways to assemble your products, and I provide instructions on every printable, but here are a few tips on how I like to put them together.

  • Party circles/Toppers should be printed on matte photo paper, card stock or sticker paper, if making stickers. I use punches available in the scrap booking sections of Hobby Lobby, Micheals, JoAnns, etc. I use a 2″ circle or scallop punch. To make cupcake toppers, tape or use a glue dot to secure the circle to a lollipop stick, found int he baking section. To make gift tags, use a small handheld punch and tie with ribbon. To make stickers, print on sticker paper and punch.
  • Banners typically have two flags on each sheet. Print on matte photo paper or card stock, trim and punch a hole in each corner and tie the individual flags together with ribbon or string the flags together on one piece of ribbon, using a glue dot to secure if they slide.
  • Water Bottle Labels can be printed on full sheet label/sticker paper, matte photo paper or card stock and trimmed to fit your beverage.
  • Mailing Labels should be printed on sticker paper and wrapped around your envelope, with the return address on the back and delivery on the front.
  • Tent Cards can be edited within the PDF and printed on matte photo paper or card stock.
  • Mustached Photo Props should be printed on matte photo paper or card stock and trimmed. Tape to a wood dowel for a handle.
  • Candy Bar Favor Wrappers can be printed on matte photo paper or card stock and fit standard flat chocolate bars. Wrap around and seal closed. Trim to fit.
  • Straw Flags are by far my favorite printable. You can, of course, wrap them around straws to add some fun to your beverages, but you can also make cupcake toppers out of them and food flags. Just print on matte photo paper or card stock.
  • Cupcake Wrappers  accommodate large and regular cupcakes. If you need to trim them to fit, just trim from the top. Just print on matte photo paper or card stock.
  • Signs are formatted to print as 8x5x11″, but there is extra space you can trim away if you wish to frame them as 8×10″s. Print on matte photo paper or card stock.
  • Party Hats/Cones should be printed on matte photo paper or card stock and trimmed. Embellish with ribbon, pom ribbon, poms or tissue to create a fun and festive hat. Or, use your party hat as a cone to hold popcorn, cotton candy or other treats.
  • Mini Cake Bunting should be printed on matte photo paper or card stock and each flag trimmed. String each flag together with ribbon or twine, and tie to bamboo skewers or pretty paper straws to make a gorgeous cake bunting.
  • Thank You Notes are 4×6″ with two cards on each PDF. Print on matte photo paper or card stock and stuff into envelopes that accommodate a 4×6″ insert, available at hobby or office supply stores.

Can you assemble and ship items to me?
No, I am sorry that I am not able to assemble and ship finished projects at this time. Maybe when my little ones are all in school. :)

However, I do provide a ton of instructions, tips and a list of helpful supplies with every order. It’s easy. I promise!



Do you work regular business hours?
I am a work-at-home mom, so my hours are highly irregular though I typically shoot for 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. I do take weekends off to spend time with my family, but I  work very hard to make sure that everyone is satisfied with my products, timing and service.

If you don’t work weekends, do I have to wait until Monday to get my file?
I work very hard to try and get all emails and orders finished by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, but orders placed on Friday may roll over to the next business day (Monday) as outlined in the listing and policies. I understand that invitations are very time sensitive, and I do my best to make sure you are taken care of quickly.

Can I submit my party pictures to you?
Of course you can! Please email 4-5 party pictures, details of your event, and any DIY details. I would be happy to share your party on Facebook and my blog.

What software do you use? What fonts do you use? Can I buy your artwork? Etc? 
I’ve spent a lot of money and worked very hard over the years to outfit my graphic design studio, educate myself, and to develop my own unique style. Unfortunately I cannot share that kind of privileged information. However, there are many wonderful tutorials out there on getting started in graphic design, starting an Etsy shop, and many great font libraries to choose from. Best of luck!

For any questions not answered here, email me.