FREE Media Time Punch Card

My kids love playing computer games, so I came up with this handy and free media time punch card that lets them earn time with their favorite games and devices. Focus on the word earn.

FREE Media/Computer Time Punch Card Printable by To earn screen time, the kids can do simple chores like emptying trash or unloading the dishwasher, or more intensive things like cleaning a bathroom depending on the child, their age, and what we need at the moment. And we punch their card when those jobs are complete.

This system works well for us. It prevents them from playing on the computer all day and encourages them to take turns.

FREE Media/Computer Time Punch Card Printable by We typically let them earn media time at a rate of 10 minutes per punch. But, what’s great about these punch cards is┬áthat they are completely customizable to your needs. How about good deeds or completing homework, 10 minutes or 20 … whatever works best for your family.

FREE Media/Computer Time Punch Card Printable by Zach will do just about anything for some Angry Birds or Animal Jam time! Now whether or not that chore is completely done to my standards is a topic for another day …

Ready to download your FREE media Time Punch card?

FREE Media & Game Time Punch Card from

Download your FREE Media Time Punch Card! Just print on cardstock, trim and let your kiddo start earning!

And, if you don’t have a single hole punch, they are super inexpensive at office supply stores and hobby stores.



  1. Jodie says

    What an amazing idea! Solves 2 problems in one. Going to print these first thing in the morning. I love this idea thank you for sharing x

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