{FREE} Year in Review Printable

Ever wish that you could slow time down a bit? Time really does fly by, and kids grow so fast. In an effort to help my age-addled brain remember the little things, I decided to start an new family tradition. The Year In Review.

{FREE} Year in Review printable

I’m going to sit down with my little ones and interview them about their favorite moments of 2011 and what we’re looking forward into 2012. Then I’m going to tuck these little babies away and pull them out when I feel nostalgic.

I want to share my Year in Review printable with you for {FREE}! Download your very own 2011 Year in Review here.



  1. Mary says

    So glad Tatertots & Jello sent me over, love your work…new follower!

    Your stationary is full of sweetness! Whimsical and fun are prefect adjectives!

    Best wishes to a great New Year~
    Mary from sweetlittlebluebird.com

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