Save Spend and Give Jars for Kids

Save Spend and Give Jars by Three Little Monkeys Studio We’ve been on and off the Dave Ramsey wagon for years now, but one thing I’ve always loved and wanted to implement for the kids was the idea of Save, Spend & Give Jars.

My kiddos are at the age now where they want to do chores and earn money to buy more Taylor Swift downloads for their iPods. And I am OK with that. Listening to them singing “I am never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever getting back together …” on repeat is getting old. We need more music, people.

So I whipped up these labels that are big enough to wrap around pint and half pint mason jars. Each one has a different background with a chalkboard style label, and because my oldest loves to read the fine print, I added a little definition to remind her and her sister what they are doing this for.

Save Spend and Give Jars by Three Little Monkeys Studio

Just download via the link below, print on card stock or matte photo paper, and tape closed. Can also use sticker paper.

They look great on the anniversary Ball jars or any mason jar works great too. You can find them at Target, Walmart, kitchen stores and online.

Coin slot lids are optional, though ordinary lids are fine too. I picked up these coin slot lids from a group deal site, but you can also find them through Etsy and online retailers.

Save Spend and Give Jars by Three Little Monkeys Studio .

Download your Save Spend and Give Jars by Three Little Monkeys Studio and get started!



    • Gretchen says

      Thank you so much, Monique! I am really honored. I love your site and will share it with my husband. You have some great info there! Thank you! XO

  1. Kara M. says

    Found your site via Pinterest — THANK YOU for these jar wrappers. Husband and I have been following the Ramsey plan since last fall and got the kids on board, but only with plain paper envelopes. I had extra pint jars downstairs –> viola! With these labels, we now have a set of give/save/spend jars for three of our four daughters (the fourth is an older teen and uses her bank account). They look so great she’ll probably want them, too! 😉

  2. Bethany says

    Thank you so much for these! The definitions of each category are perfect for helping my oldest daughter better understand/remind her of the purpose behind each category. We will start my son on an allowance in a month. You wouldn’t happen to have these jar wraps in “boy” colors?? My son balks at anything with a hint of pink. I don’t blame him. Poor boy is the only boy of three girls.

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