Surviving Summer With Healthy Snacks + A Free Printable

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Surviving Summer With Healthy Summer Snacks by #Stonyfield

I don’t know what it is about Summertime, but my kids think they are starving all day long. Seriously. We’re only a week into their Summer break and I’ve heard “I’m hungry!” approximately 3,482 times. In an effort to combat that, I created a Healthy Summer Snacks List to fill out each week when they need some ideas (free download below).

At the top of our list of healthy snacks are Stonyfield organic yogurt pouches. Full of protein, calcium, and organic fruits and veggies, the yogurt pouches are available for babies (YoBaby), toddlers (YoToddler), and kids (YoKids). Each product in these lines is based on the developmental needs of children in each age range.

Surviving Summer With Healthy Summer Snacks by #Stonyfield

We’re really loving on the YoKids yogurt pouches in blueberry, strawberry and strawberry-banana. They are perfect when we’re at home or when we’re looking for a portable snack on our way to swim lessons, errands and such. They’re also great for sharing with friends at play dates or on ice at those Summer picnics and BBQs.

What I love most about these yogurt pouches is how easy they are for my kids to open, eat and reseal, making them the perfect self-sufficient snack for those independent kiddos.

Surviving Summer With Healthy Summer Snacks by #Stonyfield

I picked up Stonyfield organic yogurt pouches up at my local Target and have been keeping a stash in the refrigerator so the kids can grab one whenever they are hungry. I’ve also been keeping small packages of carrots, broccoli and whole grain crackers within easy reach, as well as fresh apples and bananas to help with that healthy snack conundrum.

Surviving Summer With Healthy Summer Snacks by #Stonyfield

So will the “I’m hungry!” drama go away forever? Probably not. But I’m stocked up on YoKids and they are happy and full of healthy snacks for now, and that is a definite win for mom.

Healthy Snacks List Free Printable

In an effort to teach them how to locate and eat healthy snacks on their own, I whipped up this printable I am sharing with you guys. Just print, fill it out with the healthy options in your house, and hang on your fridge or in the pantry. It matches my Summer Bucket List.

Surviving Summer With Healthy Summer Snacks FREE PRintable by

Providing a list of snack options helps these guys feel independent and empowers them in making decisions about the healthy stuff they put in their bodies.

Download your Healthy Summer Snacks List. Print on ordinary paper or card stock.

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    • Gretchen says

      I so agree, Sara! We take them everywhere now. Such a great snack. Hope you enjoy the printable!

    • Gretchen says

      Thanks, Kristen! It has really helped us and is great for my Kindergartner to practice those reading skills.

  1. says

    Such a great idea for a healthy snack – it looks delicious. I love that checklist too! I should put it on the fridge for myself the next time I’m reaching for chocolate.

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