Thanksgiving Kids’ Table Activities

Ahhhh, Thanksgiving! A time for family and friends, good food and football. And corralling children. While the adults are trying to enjoy turkey and socialize, keeping the kiddos content long enough to swallow a bite and complete a sentence can be challenging. To help make dinner more relaxing, I’ve rounded up some great table activities to keep them busy. There’s a variety items for different age levels, so hopefully you’ll find something that will work for your situation!


1. The Tablescape

Instead of using a regular tablecloth or leaving the table bare, you can do what lots of Italian restaurants do and cover the the table with butcher paper and set out crayons for the kids to color it. Or take it to the next level and use chalkboard paper.

Image via {Finding Home}

2. Color Matching

For the little ones, this free printable can be paired with Sixlets candy for a simple, but effective distraction.

Image via {She’s Kinda Crafty}

3. Picture Match and Flip & Match Memory Game

Here’s another free printable that pre-schoolers would like. There are a few others on this site as well, including a set of memory cards. Grade schoolers can cut out and play multiple rounds of this classic game.

Image via {Angelica’s Awesome Adventures}
Image via {Angelica’s Awesome Adventures}

4. Feather Fun

Don’t have time to decorate the house and the kids’ table? Have the kids help! Place a large turkey cut out in the center and┬áleave a few colorful construction paper feathers at each place setting. The kids write what they’re thankful for on the feathers and then tape or glue them onto the turkey.

An alternative for younger kids would be felt turkeys and feathers for them to assemble.

Image via {How Does She}

5. Mad Libs

This last game is for older kids who grasp basic grammar, and let’s be honest, the adults will want to join in, too! ┬áMy Sister’s Suitcase put together some free printables that will lead to laughs for everyone.

Image via {My Sister’s Suitcase}

Please include any additional suggestions you might have in the comments; parents can use all the help we can get!

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