Throwing a Rainbow Polka Dots Party!

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My new Rainbow Polka Dots Party Pack is bright, cheery and perfect for summer! I’m actually using this party pack for my daughter’s upcoming birthday party. I am so excited!

Here are a few things I will be serving to continue the rainbow party theme:

Rainbow Fruit Tray via ohdeedoh

Fruit Tray. I love this fruit tray. It is so bright and colorful. This is such a fun, kid-friendly thing to serve too. Lots of fresh strawberries, mandarin oranges, pineapple, green grapes and blueberries. Two bowls of healthy fruit dip at the ends of the rainbow to look like clouds could be a nice touch too. I plan on putting two big mounds of fluffy marshmallows at the ends of the rainbow for my clouds. Too cute!


Via SparkleKitchen‘s Etsy shop

Macaroons. Macaroons are so delicate, lovely, sweet … I could go on and on. They also come in beautiful colors and go so well with coffee or tea. Perfect for the grown ups! Try your local French bakery or get them from SparkleKitchen‘s Etsy shop.

Sandwiches. Layered sandwiches would be great. Use sliced tomatoes, sliced orange cheddar, sliced avocado, sliced red onion … so many opportunities for color!

Colorburst Cupcakes via Our Best Bites

Cupcakes and Cake. Carrying on the rainbow theme, how about some bright colorburst cupcakes? This recipe from the ladies at Our Best Bites is so good and colorful.

Via TheSugarCo’s Etsy shop

Or, if you’re strapped for time, you can always order this rainbow cake from TheSugarCo. Each layer comes individually wrapped with a container of buttercream frosting. Easy!

Beverages. You could have so much fun with beverages! Orange Soda, Fruit punch, pink lemonade or even purple grape juice or orange juice. So many options to pump up the color!

Via CupcakeSocial‘s Etcy shop

And don’t forget the rainbow polka dot straws! $5 for 25 of these colorful rainbow beauties! Get yours at Cupcake Social’s shop. They add so much color and whimsy to a party. 

Decorations. Who needs decorations when you have my new Rainbow Polka Dots Party Pack? Hang up the birthday banner, use your party circles to brighten up cupcakes and party favors, use the tent cards as place settings or food labels.

Another cute way to bring in some color is to add colorful candies in glass jars. Using the tent cards in the party pack, label the card, cut around the frame and hang the tag with a ribbon. You could also use the party circles. I love how these jars were styled. It would be so pretty to layer Skittles or other colorful rainbow candy in a tall, slim jar.

Rainbow Cake in a Jar via Babble

Favors. Let your guests take some rainbows home! How cute is this Rainbow Cake in  Jar?

Via SweetTweets Etsy shop

Other fun party favors could be cookies baked with M&M’s or these adorable rainbow cookies. They would be so cute wrapped in a cellophane bag and tied with Rainbow ribbon.

Via SimpleTastes Etsy shop

I love these super cute rainbow lollipops and covers. They would be so fun to hand out or stuff in gift bags.

Other fun ideas could be bags of skittles, large packs of crayons, several colors of play-doh … so many ways to have fun here!

I’m going to send each kid home with a rainbow fondant lollipop from Edible Details. Brittany does amazing work!

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