Winter Wonderland Glow Jars Tutorial

Winter Wonderland Glow Jar Tutorial I admit it. I am a bit of a vintage mason jar hoarder. When I walk into a flea market or antique store, my heart pitter patters when I see shelves of them lined up. Since I have a few (hundred) laying around the house, I’m always looking for ways to use them creatively.

Then one day I was strolling through Dollar Tree and found some adorable snow covered pine trees, and it hit me. Winter Wonderland Glow Jars. They are perfect night lights for the kids and for placing in windows and on mantles.

These glow jars are incredibly easy to put together, and you just need a few things. Even better, this is a great craft project to work on with your little ones. FYI, the snow vacuums up pretty easily after your four year old exuberantly stuffs her mason jar.


  • Solar lid lights (I used Moon Shiners Sun Powered Lids $10 each)(Google “solar lid lights” to find retailers online)
  • Mini pine trees ($1 for a 2-pack at Dollar Tree or at Walmart in a large bag for $10)
  • Snow ($2.50 for a large bag at Walmart)
  • Large jars (you can use any kind of jar as long as it is tall and will fit a mason jar lid)

The solar lid lights charge in just a few hours, so set them out in a nice and sunny spot for a bit while you make your jars.


  1. Open up all of your items and fluff your pine trees a bit. They tend to get smooshed on one side from the packaging.
  2. Put a few inches of snow in the bottom of a clean and dry jar.
  3. Take your tree and insert it into the jar. I like to twist the tree a bit just to help get it down in the snow.
  4. Put the lid on your jar and …
  5. … enjoy the beautiful winter scene.

Hope you enjoy it!



    • Gretchen says

      Hi, Becca! The lids I used are called MoonShiners Sun Powered Lids. I bought mine from Decor Steals when they had a special. There is another brand that I found on Amazon called Solar Lid Lights by Colonial, and you can get free Prime shipping on them. They aren’t made by Ball, but they do fit their jars and screw on like a regular lid. Hope that helps!

      • Joanne says

        Hi im from England how could i buy those jars i have seen them before on different sites i would love to make one of these for my son ans as his name is Mason i think he would love having his name on the jar thank you ,

        • Gretchen says

          Hi, Joanne! I know you can find them on Etsy, and there may be dealers who can ship internationally. I find mine at local flea markets. That would be adorable to have his name on the jar! Good luck!

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